Thursday, December 26, 2013

When We are Gathered... ❤

Compilation of the DAY ❤

❤ Us ❤

❤ Me & PoE ❤

❤ Me & PoE ❤

❤ Solo Me ❤

❤ Solo PoE ❤

❤ Solo Jee Mei ❤

❤ Solo Ru Teeng ❤

Unsatisfied Look

❤ PoE, Me and the Presents ❤

❤ Ru Teeng, Jee Mei and the Presents ❤

Failed Selfie with my girls 

❤ Hearty Presents of US ❤

❤ Our Foods ❤

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Awesome September ❤

The Birthday celebration with my dearest FAMILY and FRIENDS

 Me ❤ 

 Me with FF gang & Jimuis ❤

 Me with colleagues ❤

 FF gang ❤

 Jimuis ❤

 Me with the Bully ❤

Me with Family ❤

 Foods ❤

An effort from my Dear ❤

 Pressies ❤

The SS Company Outings

 The overnights ❤

 The Carrots ❤

 The collections with Signatures ❤

-Post Ended-

-Swee Cheng-

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Feelings


原来爱可以 完全都不被祝福
怎么爱 总有人反对
两个人只想 给彼此一些温暖
难道 没人能理解
渺小的我们 能否一直被忽略
让我们 再平凡一点
那些大是非 和爱有什么关系
让感情 更简单一些

以为至少有谁 能对我们理解
对这幸福 不用说抱歉
但耳边呼啸过 全世界的拒绝
眼中忍不住的是 没人在乎的眼泪

渺小的我们 宁愿一直被忽略
也宁愿 再平凡一点
再多的是非 我想它们都不配
让感情 就这样崩溃

以为简单的相爱没什么不对以为至少有谁 能对我们理解
对这幸福 不用说抱歉
但耳边呼啸过 全世界的拒绝
眼中忍不住的是 没人在乎的眼泪

但耳边呼啸过 全世界的拒绝
眼中忍不住的是 没人看见的眼泪
-post ended-
Swee Cheng


Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Sip of Sweetness ❤

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Hot Double Chocolate (with Marshmallows)

Strawberry Sticky Yummies

Food Foundry (Chocolate Crepe Cake)

Kulai Lou Pan Organic Beancurd

Dragon-I Mango Sago Cream with Mixed Fruits

Station One Ice-Cream

The little sweetness that made your day, cheers you up at the moment

May you found your little sweetness on your way up to the end

-post ended-

Swee Cheng

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The New Born ❤

15th July 2013 - The Only Survivor
17th July 2013 - The Tragedy


Swee Cheng