Saturday, November 14, 2009


update a little bit la... since so long tak update~ LOL

2day went out wid a bunch of frenz dat din contact for quite sumtime jor...
reminds me of how often v hang out las time~ LOL
its been a quite wonderful outing....

went for sing k~ Neway
which v play more den sing~ LOL
lari ere and dey, kejar sana sini~ like smal kidz....

erm... wat more can i say?
its time to sleep jor la...
2moro stil nid work full day...
sad giler~

bye and nitez~

-post ended-


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


my dieting plans has been started~~

i woke up at 7... den jog for around 1/2 hr.... feels dizzy~~
plan to run 5 rounds de... bt... sked later fainted at roadside... LOL
end at 4 rounds ++ LOL
den bec home.. like wan faint jor...
rest awhile...

den make da oat dat i jz bot ystdy
tot its gonna b ok..
bt.... ==!!!
it reli disappoint me...
sucks giler...
dun feel like eating it anymore...
bt no choice... hav to slim down b4 20th...
wan wear nice nice de dress...

dis is wat ppl say... *wan pretty dun wan life*
wondering how am i gonna stand for my oats for 2 wks...
sucks giler~~

-post ended-


Saturday, September 26, 2009


ystdy was my cousin's wedding~
i've dressed myself up nicely and even i'd even make up~ LOL
uploads da pics later~ LOL

while we were chatting, my cousin's and his wife walk in..
al of us end our conversation immediately~ LOL
looking at them while they walk in step by step~
i could feel how blissful are they which make me feels like getting married as wel~ LOL

and after al the speeches of their family members~
v started our dinner~
the food is nice bt ate nt much
cz there are certain dishes that i dont eat~
how fussy m i? LOL
say no to shark fins~
due to dieting
say no to rice as wel...
so left nt much to eat~ LOL
bt i reli enjoyed it~

god... blessed them with blissful marriage life~

-post ended-


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

rest day~

it's my rest day 2day~
and it ends nw~ sobz sobz

what i did 2day?

i went to sweetyee *new hse*
and brought her mum and nephew for lunch
we ate yong tao fu~~
da fuchuk and jibaogai.. oh gosh... sedap giler
hoping to go again~

den v went to jusco
bot alot of milks~~ LOL
milks on sale o...
in jusco la~den cream crackers~
cant get to find my maggi mee leh~ sad giler
and i bought a top too~~ hehe
hapi giler~ it only cost me rm12.90

den get bec to sy *new hse*
take nap~
den bangun minum her mum's soup
nice nice~
den jao balik lu.. cz sy nid to work~

one more ting
i've taken alot of ss pics~ LOL
planning to upload it as soon as possible~ hoho~

den nw.. im eating my cream crackers and drinking my milk dat i jz bot~
nice nice~ ful jor tim~

dis is how i spend my precious rest day la~ LOL

-hapi post ended-


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


there was an arrangement for those orphans to get their clothing in our shop 2day~
umm~ shud b nt only 2day cz there was once on the other day
when i look at them, a suden sympathy feeling runs thru me

have been thinking~how cruel are their parents~ to abandoned their own child when
**they jz came to this world and they din even noe a thing
**they doesnt hav the ability to look after their own

they must have gone thru a hard time
~searching for reasons on y they are being abandoned
~y shud dey going thru an "uncompleted" life
~isnt it unfair? y r they the chosen 1?

_ back to emo-ing mood_


reminds me when my 1st visit to the orphanage in PJ
(when i was form 3 ~ interact club)
i dun tink they are well taken care of
some of them are actually bullying the weaker ones for a sweet!
oh gosh~
sum even being ignored by the crowd and the elder ones~
wat i did was.. i close my eyes walk pas evryting... waiting evrytings end and get off from that place~
cz i dun tink those *ppl* wil listen to a 15 years old girl comments~ as they dun even reli care of the orphans... when it is jz only a job for them to *look after*those childs to earn their pays~

-emo post ended-

reminder: plz play safe~


Monday, September 14, 2009

reviving dieded blog~~ part 2

sudenly active in blogging~

2day is another boring day~
almost work whole day... tiring~
and 2moro work for da whole day again~

2day i saw a baby~
oh gosh! she is so darn cute~
fair skinned, chubby, big round eyes
*cute giler*
feels like giving a big kiss to her~ LOL

reading a book that i bought not long ago~ *bookfest*
im in love with it
i've been stopped reading it since 1 wk ago, i gues~
due to time constraint~
and i've get bec to it 2day..

since when my blog turns to a diary??!!
from a crappy blog to culinary blog and now a diary~~

its time to off~

-diary post ended-


Sunday, September 13, 2009

reviving dieded blog~~ LOL

oh gosh! it has been decades my blog hasnt being updated~~
updating nw
completed... LOL

lame rite??

its been a hard time for me lately..
been tinking alot alot of tings~~
being moody~
emo~ing al time when im alone~
with al the tupid thoughts

is there any1 out dey
*who can grasp my thoughts without me telling out?
*who can comfort me in the best way?
*who can make my evry wish cum true?

oh god...
guide me pls
im totally lost to where i am and i nid to b~

-emo post ended-


Friday, March 20, 2009


y r there such kind of idiots living on the earth!!! i jz wonder!!

things hapen like dis:

v r assign in a grup to do de asg...
den i ask dem abt de asg..
dey jz answer me *wait wait... i find de info 1st....*
evrytime i ask... dey wil gimme xcuses!!
wat de hell!!
and sudenly dey cal me 2day...
and tel me dat the asg is DONE!!
i was like................. so shocked!!!
and u noe wats de nex ting dey told me???
can u join the other grup cz v hav alredi done it all????
and de submission is on nx wk!!!!
y dun dey jz tel me on de day of submission?????????
to show dat dey r gud enuf to inform me a lil bit earlier???
i wonder do dey use their brain to tink b4 dey do???

i've nvr met such kind of ppl in my life!!!
and y am i so unlucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

big apple@ tesco cheras... ^^

hoho... almond 1... nice nice.. ^^

alien.. i tink it's de best choc donut dey la.. hoho... nice nice...

wong kok char c@leisure mall..

corn cream soup... hoho...
i dun reli like it cz it taste like fresh milk + corn soup...

i dun reli rmbr its name...
duno wat filament dee...

dis is de best...
XO fried rice...^^


nice to c but nt nice to eat.. hoho...
frm fulhse de..

Friday, February 20, 2009

fulhse^^ new*


nasi lemak ayam rendang^^

chicken cream soup^^

cappuccino mushroom cream soup^^

ice lemon tea and lime juice^^

Thursday, February 19, 2009

sai mai lou@kei tak sik.. ^^

honeydew sai mai lou.... nice nice... hehe^^

Thursday, February 12, 2009

beard papa's@midvalley!! ^^

the beard papa's ^^

highly recommended!! it's reli nice.... hahah.. muz go & hav a try o... ^^

delicious@bangsar village!! ^^

ish... tupid hand by poE.. ape la.. ==!!

is the choc ice cream... de name is stg like "death by chocolate"... hahah..

chocolate again.... ^^

california role@sushi king,,,

wid poE o.. ^^

guess wat's dis!! ^^

dis is done by bro and sis... muahaha... ^^