Friday, March 20, 2009


y r there such kind of idiots living on the earth!!! i jz wonder!!

things hapen like dis:

v r assign in a grup to do de asg...
den i ask dem abt de asg..
dey jz answer me *wait wait... i find de info 1st....*
evrytime i ask... dey wil gimme xcuses!!
wat de hell!!
and sudenly dey cal me 2day...
and tel me dat the asg is DONE!!
i was like................. so shocked!!!
and u noe wats de nex ting dey told me???
can u join the other grup cz v hav alredi done it all????
and de submission is on nx wk!!!!
y dun dey jz tel me on de day of submission?????????
to show dat dey r gud enuf to inform me a lil bit earlier???
i wonder do dey use their brain to tink b4 dey do???

i've nvr met such kind of ppl in my life!!!
and y am i so unlucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

big apple@ tesco cheras... ^^

hoho... almond 1... nice nice.. ^^

alien.. i tink it's de best choc donut dey la.. hoho... nice nice...

wong kok char c@leisure mall..

corn cream soup... hoho...
i dun reli like it cz it taste like fresh milk + corn soup...

i dun reli rmbr its name...
duno wat filament dee...

dis is de best...
XO fried rice...^^


nice to c but nt nice to eat.. hoho...
frm fulhse de..