Saturday, September 26, 2009


ystdy was my cousin's wedding~
i've dressed myself up nicely and even i'd even make up~ LOL
uploads da pics later~ LOL

while we were chatting, my cousin's and his wife walk in..
al of us end our conversation immediately~ LOL
looking at them while they walk in step by step~
i could feel how blissful are they which make me feels like getting married as wel~ LOL

and after al the speeches of their family members~
v started our dinner~
the food is nice bt ate nt much
cz there are certain dishes that i dont eat~
how fussy m i? LOL
say no to shark fins~
due to dieting
say no to rice as wel...
so left nt much to eat~ LOL
bt i reli enjoyed it~

god... blessed them with blissful marriage life~

-post ended-


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

rest day~

it's my rest day 2day~
and it ends nw~ sobz sobz

what i did 2day?

i went to sweetyee *new hse*
and brought her mum and nephew for lunch
we ate yong tao fu~~
da fuchuk and jibaogai.. oh gosh... sedap giler
hoping to go again~

den v went to jusco
bot alot of milks~~ LOL
milks on sale o...
in jusco la~den cream crackers~
cant get to find my maggi mee leh~ sad giler
and i bought a top too~~ hehe
hapi giler~ it only cost me rm12.90

den get bec to sy *new hse*
take nap~
den bangun minum her mum's soup
nice nice~
den jao balik lu.. cz sy nid to work~

one more ting
i've taken alot of ss pics~ LOL
planning to upload it as soon as possible~ hoho~

den nw.. im eating my cream crackers and drinking my milk dat i jz bot~
nice nice~ ful jor tim~

dis is how i spend my precious rest day la~ LOL

-hapi post ended-


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


there was an arrangement for those orphans to get their clothing in our shop 2day~
umm~ shud b nt only 2day cz there was once on the other day
when i look at them, a suden sympathy feeling runs thru me

have been thinking~how cruel are their parents~ to abandoned their own child when
**they jz came to this world and they din even noe a thing
**they doesnt hav the ability to look after their own

they must have gone thru a hard time
~searching for reasons on y they are being abandoned
~y shud dey going thru an "uncompleted" life
~isnt it unfair? y r they the chosen 1?

_ back to emo-ing mood_


reminds me when my 1st visit to the orphanage in PJ
(when i was form 3 ~ interact club)
i dun tink they are well taken care of
some of them are actually bullying the weaker ones for a sweet!
oh gosh~
sum even being ignored by the crowd and the elder ones~
wat i did was.. i close my eyes walk pas evryting... waiting evrytings end and get off from that place~
cz i dun tink those *ppl* wil listen to a 15 years old girl comments~ as they dun even reli care of the orphans... when it is jz only a job for them to *look after*those childs to earn their pays~

-emo post ended-

reminder: plz play safe~


Monday, September 14, 2009

reviving dieded blog~~ part 2

sudenly active in blogging~

2day is another boring day~
almost work whole day... tiring~
and 2moro work for da whole day again~

2day i saw a baby~
oh gosh! she is so darn cute~
fair skinned, chubby, big round eyes
*cute giler*
feels like giving a big kiss to her~ LOL

reading a book that i bought not long ago~ *bookfest*
im in love with it
i've been stopped reading it since 1 wk ago, i gues~
due to time constraint~
and i've get bec to it 2day..

since when my blog turns to a diary??!!
from a crappy blog to culinary blog and now a diary~~

its time to off~

-diary post ended-


Sunday, September 13, 2009

reviving dieded blog~~ LOL

oh gosh! it has been decades my blog hasnt being updated~~
updating nw
completed... LOL

lame rite??

its been a hard time for me lately..
been tinking alot alot of tings~~
being moody~
emo~ing al time when im alone~
with al the tupid thoughts

is there any1 out dey
*who can grasp my thoughts without me telling out?
*who can comfort me in the best way?
*who can make my evry wish cum true?

oh god...
guide me pls
im totally lost to where i am and i nid to b~

-emo post ended-